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Your Weekly Oracle Message

Your Weekly Oracle Message

Each Monday, you can visit our site to receive a brand new 3 card draw created just for you! We’re starting our first week out with Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. HOW TO PLAY So, what you do, is gaze up at the image at the top of the post, hover your hand over…

The Your Spirit Sparkle Monthly Business Review!

Our Monthly Business Review

Hello Again! So, it seems that a whole bunch of you LOVED reading our business review in January. Truth be told, we loved writing it. It feels good to lay it all out there. Nothing left unseen. Because let’s face it, we all have places we’re excelling, and places we feel like we’re falling short.…

February Oracle Card Draw 1

Your Weekly Oracle Message

Our 3 Card Draws are something we’ve been hosting for you (inconsistently) on the New and Full Moons. And while we love honoring the phases of our moon, planet, and lives, it always seems like we are energetically depleted during those times and it’s a bit of a struggle for us to show up for…

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