Desert Rose: Symbology & Story

Desert Rose Gypsum Symbology

Desert Rose gypsum/sand selenite Symbology
Recently I have found it difficult just to move through the day to day. Not to mention my commitment with Spirit and my eternal burning purpose. As I write this to you, tears gather in my eyes, while “I am the Grace of God“, plays in my ears…you see I’ve needed to be a little softer with myself as of late.

Allowing the pieces to chip away, while new pathways were being formed.
Trusting that my sense of well-being, as well as, my unique gifts would be available after this seemingly heavy time. Tonight as I built my altar, my Desert Rose was at the center.

My prayer to Spirit was simple:

“Dear Spirit, Guide me from the heaviness that I’ve been feeling and into the freedom of your possibilities. I surrender this to you. Please show me the way. So it is.”

As I took a deep breath and allowed my prayer to travel to the ethers, I feel lighter.

Mineral Name: Desert Rose

Archangels: Azrael, Jeremiel, and Raguel

Colors: Brown, tan, white, and pale yellow

Healing Properties: The desert rose enhances feelings of well-being, and an understanding of your unique, personal value in the universal plan.

Message: “A delicate bud birthed from sand, I’m here to spread happiness through beauty, and to remind you to embrace the blossoming of self.

Each soul is as unique as a snowflake, perfect in its composition and loving gift from the Creator.

Still, the greatest pleasure is found in unity, so come together in groups to relax and confide in one another while experiencing the cooperative spirit of love in reflection.

As you accept individuality without comparison, you become a mirror for love, and the world continues developing a deeper sense of community and interdependence.”

Heather Cherie, Your Spirit SparkleMore About Heather Cherie

Empath, Alchemist, Licensed Massage Therapist
The darkness is necessary. It feels like struggle because it is an emptying of our soul. We feel the ache of everything we’re letting go of. But just around the corner, joyous, miraculous things are coming to fill this new found space. Just you wait and see. Everyday I am surrounded by signs that Angels are guiding me, loving me, and supporting me. I know they are doing the same for you. Let’s uncover their messages together and set Your Spirit Sparkle on FIRE!. More about Heather.

Source: Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue and The Crystal Deck – 50 Crystals and their use in healing.

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