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Our Monthly Business Review

The Your Spirit Sparkle Monthly Business Review!

Hello Again!

So, it seems that a whole bunch of you LOVED reading our business review in January. Truth be told, we loved writing it. It feels good to lay it all out there. Nothing left unseen. Because let’s face it, we all have places we’re excelling, and places we feel like we’re falling short.

This month, we’re ready to reveal even more, as we look back over the past 30 days of our lives and business to see what needs lifting up and what needs cleaning up.

Thanks for being here with us to help us hold space for our growing and conjuring. We’re very grateful for your role in our lives, no matter how big or small, it matters.

Here’s the scoop on some things that stood out to us…

Lower Attendance in Classes

In January Megan hosted 3 classes a week: The Lunchtime Let Go on Tuesday afternoons, Guided Meditation on Thursday evenings, and Slow Flow – Mild Movement and Stretching on Saturday mornings. Some of the classes had 0 attendance all the way through the month and other classes had no more than 4 attendees, where the usual guest lists hangs out around 6-8. We gathered, from neighboring businesses that January typically tends to be slower. And while, we of course would love for our classes and offerings to be booked out and full, there were some very heavy emotions coming to Light throughout the month in our personal lives. Honestly, at times, it was nice to have a bit of a break. That’s not to say it went without sacrifices.

Small Investments

We have an ongoing list of things we want to bring to the space over time.

We take the list in small bites because we are putting this business together out of pocket, one purchase at a time. 🙂 This past month we brought in a mini fridge so that we can have snacks and food available for us when we’re at the space all day. We switched from paper towels in the restroom to hand towels to cut down on waste and plus, it just feels classier. We already have a washer and dryer in the building, so it makes keeping them washed and stocked easy. And lastly, the electric kettle! Megan offers hot tea to her meditation goers in the evening. We were using the Keurig previously which worked well, but became time consuming when we have a full class. So we invested in an electric kettle to speed things up and have more control over the temperature of the water so you can actually drink your tea before you have to leave without scalding your mouth.

The Monthly Your Spirit Sparkle Business Review

Steady Massage Clients

Heather really found her rhythm in this first month of the year with her massage clients. Each week she had a solid steady stream of returning and new clients. She had total of 17 appointments and for February she’s looking to double that and come in strong with 35. She desires a handful of returning clients that she can spend time with, get to know, and help heal in ways that are sustaining and lasting. If you’d like to add yourself to Heather’s list of healing bodies you can find more information here. She currently has a special running through the end of February, 30 minutes for $35 and this Saturday, she will be available from 10 -2. Let us know if you’d like to book! (214) 493-0876.

Booked Up Soul Sessions

Megan opened up 10 slots of 2017 New Year Soul Sessions at the beginning of January and she booked up in a matter of 5 days! It was amazing for her to fulfill that goal. Being in session with so many brilliant, vulnerable men and women is what she loves most.

After those 10 spots were filled, she had two of those people sign up again for several sessions so they could continue to work together ongoingly! While the beginning of the month was filled with Soul Sessions, after that initial surge, things slowed down a bit. And like we said, the space and slowing down is nice at times, but ultimately, what Megan wants, like Heather, is a handful of men and women who make regular visits to tune into their inner worlds and feel relief from their burdens. If that’s you, sign up here!

The Making of the Smudging Wands

We have made, packaged, and shipped over 75 smudging wands over the course of Your Spirit Sparkle’s life. In the past we made these in batches of 25 or so, because frankly we found ourselves maxed out after that. But in January, we had several people reach out to us asking when our smudging wands would be available again, and, we also have the pleasure of having a store front, so we decided to go bigger this time.

We rounded up Megan’s Mister and her and Heather got to work bundling a total of 50 smudging wands this go round. We’ve sold about 12 so far and are currently housing the rest at our physical space so our guests can have their choosing. It’s kind of funny. Normally there is a countdown to how many smudge sticks are left and a deadline on when you can order. When people feel that sense of urgency, there is a higher buying rate. Well, we didn’t do any of that this time. We made them and have been gradually and gently sharing about them and they definitely have been moving slower off the shelf.

Lastly, this brings us to…

Our Focus for February

One of our shared goals since starting Your Spirit Sparkle has been to generate a passive income. Recently we got down to the numbers of what it would really take for both of our families and our business to be totally supported, and the number wasn’t really that shocking – a mere $8,000 a month would give us everything we need.

Funny thing is, we have close 800 subscribers on our mailing list. So basically, if each of our readers invested $10 a month into our business, Heather and I could do the work we desire without any pressure to HAVE to do it to pay the bills. And THAT – feels exhilarating!

So we started dreaming up what we could offer you that would be worth $10 a month AND add value to your life. This is what we came up with:

  • daily handcrafted intuitive Divine-Minded oracle messages shared on a password protected site
  • opt-in text notifications so you get the Messages delivered straight to your phone
  • a private chatroom on our password protected site to connect live with other goddesses in our community and us

The first message will be sent to you on Monday, February 13th.

If you’d like to sign up for a 30 day trial period with a one time charge, we will have this available for a limited time and you can currently sign up here. Divine-Minded Messages are $11.11 (because we LOVE our Angel numbers) and we want to cover the Paypal fees.

Or, if you know this is a service you would like to have in your life each month and you’ve been wanting to support us and weren’t sure how, this is it. You sign up for a reoccuring monthly subscription here. This is the service we want to build to support the lives we desire to live. Thank you for being here on the ground floor of this new baby we are bringing to life and dedicating ourselves to.

Another fun thing we’re bringing into the mix are our 3 card draws. Every Monday we’ll be sharing a new spread on the site. We get really great feedback from these posts and enjoy creating them for you!

This month we’ll be offering Guided Meditation classes on Tuesday at 7 pm and Thursday at 8 pm. A special treat we’ve been receiving sporadically is Ann Webb and her magically drumming skills! She’ll be popping in and out of our various classes throughout the month and she will also be leading us on a journey on March 25th.

Overall, our intention for February is to continue to strengthen the foundation of what we’ve built so that we can continue to grow stronger, clearer, and closer to Spirit on our journey.

Thank you for reading and following along with our journey. We appreciate you!

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