Intuitive Massage with Heather Cherie

Intuitive Massage with Heather Cherie

Massage with Heather CherieImagine walking into the Your Spirit Sparkle space, the sweet smell of wild orange in the air. You immediately feel more relaxed and have a sense of calm that finds its way into your heart. You put your things away and walk up the stairs to be greeted by Heather, your intuitive, welcoming massage therapist.

You’ve come here because you desire an experience of physical and emotional wellness you’ve only gotten a taste of before. You’ve found yourself on the table with this massage therapist because you have a feeling about her- and you know that it is her intention to help you feel better inside and out.

She holds space to help you release where you’ve been holding on too tightly.

She holds space to help you find peace in your body and your mind.

She is here, because she believes you are worthy of all that you desire.

If this experience calls to you. If you’ve been needing a massage that exceeds what you know to be possible in the realm of physical healing, and you are willing – book your appointment today!

Call or Text Heather at (214) 493-0876.




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