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Which Card is Calling to You?

Hello Beautiful One, In whatever manner you have found yourself reading this, thank you for following those nudges and clicking around to this page. Below you will find 3 cards. Close your eyes and hold your hand over the screen, feeling which card calls to you. If that feels uncomfortable, you can also glance down…

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Meaning

One of the my favorite Divine offerings that the Angels have provided while creating Your Spirit Sparkle, was the arrival of our Rose Quartz. During a disc golf outing, the guys happened upon a HUMONGOUS piece of beautiful Rose Quartz. Just sitting in the water. Right where the Angels knew they’d look. Sometimes it’s still…


What’s New in Ennis at Your Spirit Sparkle this Week?

Hello Gorgeous! It’s a blustery week here in Ennis, Texas. Sure to get colder as the week goes on and an arctic FREEZE blows in Thursday morning. WHAT? That sounds crazy. All the more reason to stay bundled up in your house with the fire lit, right? Well, maybe. Don’t get us wrong – we…

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